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Kim Woo Bin's name in various writing systems:

Chinese: 金宇彬;
Japanese: キム・ウビン;
Thai: คิมอูบิน;
Arabic: ووبين ;
Russian: Ким У Бин;
Phonetic: Kim Ubin;
Birth name: 김현중;
Korean: 김우빈


So, the first time he blushes, the annoying host lady that always makes him blush goes behind all actors, and for each says “chonman” which I guess is “million” or “10 million” don’t ask me to convert these numbers, it’s beyond my skill :P not sure why tho, did they all earn (10) million? Doesn’t sound a lot for an actor when implied currency is won. Well it doesn’t.

But when she stands behind Woob she’s like “sorry you” and moves on to yell “chonman” at remaining actors. Then camera pans back to him and caption is something like “with friend 2 I’ll become 2(0) million actor” again, not sure if millions are about money or if they have different meaning.

So, anyway, first blush was cause she singled him out, and it looks like this was the reason. So, that was my stab, I don’t speak korean, so I’m just rambling here. Don’t stone me for it.

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