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Kim Woo Bin

Hi, I'm wywrd, and I've been Woobzoned

not a shipper blog

All opinions expressed on this blog are those of wywrd and are purely for entertainment purposes.

Kim Woo Bin's name in various writing systems:

Chinese: 金宇彬;
Japanese: キム・ウビン;
Thai: คิมอูบิน;
Arabic: ووبين ;
Russian: Ким У Бин;
Phonetic: Kim Ubin;
Birth name: 김현중;
Korean: 김우빈


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  • 1. I'm not Kim Woo Bin
  • 2. Kim Woo Bin's religion is "have no other Woobs but me"
  • 3. English subs for Friend 2 are HERE.
  • 4. No, he didn't have plastic surgery.