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Kim Woo Bin's name in various writing systems:

Chinese: 金宇彬;
Japanese: キム・ウビン;
Thai: คิมอูบิน;
Arabic: ووبين ;
Russian: Ким У Бин;
Phonetic: Kim Ubin;
Birth name: 김현중;
Korean: 김우빈


Um, where do I start…

I mentioned before that Heirs is airing (Ars is Heiring) in Philippines, right?

So today, Philippinos got tons of Heirs related trending topics, which is a great feat, seeing how it’s a world cup thing, and all other trending topics are about football :(

But, there’s a slight problem, one needs interpreter, a guide of sorts to decipher these trends.

Apparently, all characters are renamed, so Ryan, is Kim Tan, Julia is Eun Sung, and, oh, the humiliation, Young Do, is Dino,…

Not even funny you guys, not funny…

I know, it’s a shame, if Philippines has the might to generate trending topics in days when entirety of rest of the world talks about something completely different, imagine how awesome it would be if they called them by their actual names. 

Because sometimes you see a trending topic and you don’t know what’s it about, and you click and discover someone as hot as Kim Woo Bin and your life is suddenly better… 

Who the hell is gonna get curious and click on Dino??

Boys under 10, that’s who…

The world is suffering for beauty of one Kim Woo Bin, and they’ve been deprived of it, thanks to dino. 

Well, although it’s useless, to us who are fortunate enough to already know Kim Woo Bin it’s cool he got to trend in the middle of world cup, even if they got his name wrong ><

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